Automate your trading experience in just a few clicks.

PRESENTING THE roadmap to passive income

Elite Forex Scalper

Next-generation trading system available to you today

Automate your trading experience in just a few clicks.

Profitable trading has never been easier. All you have to do is set it up once and the software takes care of the rest. Starting from analyzing the market, placing trades, closing them and using proper risk management in any type of market condition, Elite Forex Scalper does it all.


Make stable passive income from trading.

Elite Forex Scalper is always seeking for trading opportunities on bullish, bearish or sideways market. Advanced trading system created to maximize your profit potential at all times.


Disciplined and stress-free trading.

Eliminate the stress and the trading mistakes made from emotional decisions whilst spending all your time in front of the charts. Following the rules has never been easier by using Elite Forex Scalper.


Follow the market leaders.

Whether you’re new to investing, an experienced trader or somewhere in between, Elite Forex Scalper is the best and the most user-friendly trading solution created by professional trading experts.
One time payment only


*Account Balance: Up to $10,000

Price is exclusive of 6% TAX
Any future deposit of more than $30,000 will be additionally charged with a 3% management fee.

Safe & Secure Checkout

*256 bit SSL encryption

Past Verified Results.
Verified by Trustpilot
Trusted by thousands of traders.

I enjoy the prompt customer service

I enjoy the prompt customer service I experienced here and that makes ELITE FOREX TRADERS stand tall in all the other EA developers I know.

Alberto Durán García


I had a great customer support service…

I had a great customer support service today from tech support. Excellent response, fast turnaround time and direct to the point. Clear messaging and even forward looking responses. Anticipating my next question, the support service already provided responses. I love the way these guys handle their customer aftersales.

K Praveen


I love and appreciate Elite Forex…

I love and appreciate Elite Forex Traders as they are reliable and quick to respond I was finding difficulty in creating my live account for over 3days but didn’t succeed in creating it so I contacted jeorge and immediately they lend a helping hand by guiding us thru the process of account verification with their recommended brokers.

Chet Considine

United States

High quality service

High quality service! Thank you for always giving 100% quality service when needed. Fast responding support that helps you with every problem you face, with good knowledge and detailed given information, really it was not a wasted money and good decision investing with this company.

Elwin Padberg


I have 100% confidence

I have 100% confidence with kris and the team to deliver good results. I have been to many developers but support has nothing to compare with kris and the team.

Magnus Hagenes

United States

No complaints at all or whatsoever

No complaints at all or whatsoever. They regularly keep us up to date with any important news/changes I should be expecting. Their support channel is what makes us connected and updated with news and even sometimes how to handle the risk which is fantastic and support are always very helpful.

Hidde Winklaar


Barely you can’t see any negative…

Barely you can’t see any negative feedback because you can’t really tell much on the negative side as the team always make away to please us, they are not perfect but I am well satisfied with what I am having with them.

Taurean Sauer

United States

Before I paid EFS

Before I paid EFS, I went to look online for feedback just to make sure, but I only see positive so I took a shot and it paid off!

Benjamin Heathcote


I made 200% return for 2 years

I made 200% return for 2 years. Not bad ! all done by EFS. Looking forward with their Hawkeye system too later on.

Subham Kumar


Elite Forex Traders

Elite Forex Traders, Excellent Service, very helpful and knowledgable with every aspect. Definitely recommend. Thank you

Golda Mosciski


I can bet my entire wealth by…

I can bet my entire wealth by recommending kris and their team. Trust me, if you work with them you’re just good as having a goldmine.

Rickey Nikolaus

United States

4 of my friends joined eft 6 months ago

4 of my friends joined eft 6 months ago. I watch their account grow first because I didn’t believe in forex robot. They were able to gain enough to convince me.

Oliver Mitchell

United Kingdom

Got a Question?

If you have any other question or comment, please do not hesitate to reach us.

You can get started in a few simple steps.
1. Complete the order for the Elite Forex Scalper
2. Fund your MT4 broker account
3. Setup your MT4 account to your vps or avail our in-house VPS and we will take care of setting it up.
4. Elite Forex Scalper will start trading on your account
5. Start generating profits

You will be guided through each step by our on-boarding team.

We pride ourselves in offering the best service possible including fully setting up and managing your Elite Forex Scalper in our in-house VPS. This means you could be a complete beginner and have no problems whatsoever because of the robot being self-hosted.

1. Forex broker account with a minimum leverage of 1:500
2. Minimum capital: $300- $500 but using a CENT ACCOUNT.

Anything under $10,000 is required to use a cent account.

Recommended initial capital: $1,000 – $3,000

Our recommended #brokers if you haven’t have one yet:

Use CENT account if depositing under $10,000 balance

👉 (non eu)
👉 (European Clients chose IFSC regulation) -Chose micro account
👉 (European/US residence)

Yes, your mt4 needs to be opened 24/7 in order for the System to operate. We also have in-house vps service which is very cheap and convenient contact us for more info.

We recommend a $10,000 standard account and $300-$500 for cent/micro accounts.
Yes, as long as you meet the balance recommendations. You can use most of the brokers as long as you have the balance above $10,000 if you don’t have that then you can use any broker with a Cent Account like
A cent account deals with cents. Deposit $500 on a cent account and you will have a balance of 50,000 cents. The EA works better with +$10,000 balance but some can’t meet that requirement of $10,000 so we recommend using a cent account as a solution until you get there.
Yes, you have full-priviliged control over your MT4 account.

Yes you can test EFS on a demo account, please contact us for further details.

Based on our past performance, the average monthly returns are:
Low risk settings: 3-7% per month
Mid risk settings: 7-15% per month
High risk settings: 15-30% per month

Although you have full access to the MT4 account, we strongly advise to not open or close any trades as it may interfere with the open and upcoming trades and may disrupt the trading strategy.
V1 to V4 is the same system in its core but it differs in terms of settings and currency pairs it trades. You will find out more information in the user manual provided after completing the order.
Past performance does not guarantee future returns. Risk is the only guaranteed measurement in Forex. We strongly advise you to be careful with anyone who claims to guarantee profits in the Forex market.

The maximum drawdown during the usage period of the system in the last 3 years are:
Low risk: 5-10%
Mid risk: 10-20%
High risk: 35-60%

Sharing the MT4 investor password would mean breaching our clients privacy and ours and besides most who ask for it use it for their own interest and worst to scam others using our results.
Elite Forex Scalper is sold for personal use and it’s not currently available for commercial use(fund management).
Yes, we have different risk settings that can be applied based on your risk tolerance.
We believe our verified results and reviews are enough confirmation to make a rational decision whether it’s worth getting the Elite Forex Scalper.

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